Ganduje, Emir Bayero Not Responsible For Your Failure - Group Tells Kano Gov

The Arewa Leadership Foundation has advised Governor Abba Yusuf to redirect his attention to addressing the pressing needs of Kano State and its citizens rather than engage in personal vendetta. 

In a statement signed by Dr. Isa Abubakar, the group cautioned the Governor to stop seeing Alhaji Umar Ganduje and Emir Ado Bayero as his problems in delivering the dividends of democracy to Kano people.

Abubakar said as a Governor, his primary responsibility is to serve the people of Kano State, not to engage in political squabbles. 

According to him, recent assessments by local and international organisations have raised concerns about the Governor's performance in office, highlighting a perceived poor delivery of democratic dividends to the people of Kano.

“We are alarmed by the Governor Yusuf’s relentless pursuit of personal vendettas, which has led to the persecution of Ganduje and others. This diversion of energy and resources has hindered the Governor's ability to deliver on his campaign promises, leaving the people of Kano State to suffer the consequences,” Abubakar said. 

“The Kano Emirates saga, in which the Governor reinstated Sanusi Lamido, has further exacerbated the situation. This move has not only created division and tension within the state but also distracted from the pressing issues that require the Governor's attention.

“We urge Governor Abba Yusuf to recognize that his primary responsibility is to serve the people of Kano State, not to pursue personal grudges. The citizens of Kano deserve better, and we demand better.“

The group, therefore, cautioned Yusuf to refocus his attention on delivering democratic dividends, including improved healthcare, education, infrastructure, and economic opportunities.

“We also urge him to end the persecution of Abdullahi Ganduje, Emir Bayero and others, and instead engage in constructive dialogue to drive development and progress.

“He must address the lingering issues surrounding the Kano Emirates saga, and work towards a resolution that promotes peace and unity in the state.

“By doing so, Governor Abba Yusuf will not only meet the expectations of the people but also write his name in the annals of history as a leader who truly served his people.”

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