Presidency Clarifies Tinubu’s Absence: Not Health Related, Says Minister

Amid mounting speculation over the whereabouts of President Bola Tinubu, the Presidency has stepped forward to address concerns, firmly stating that Tinubu’s absence from the country is not due to medical reasons.

Tinubu’s prolonged absence following his attendance at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Saudi Arabia has raised eyebrows, prompting questions about his health and whereabouts.

However, Minister of State for Health and Social Welfare, Tunji Alausa, swiftly addressed the speculations, affirming that Tinubu’s absence is unrelated to any medical issues.

In a recent appearance on Television programme,  Minister Alausa said  the government’s focus on developing a robust healthcare system for all Nigerians, not just the President.He reassured the public that President Tinubu is in good health and actively leading the nation forward.

“The president is getting some of his care in Nigeria,” Minister Alausa affirmed, dispelling any lingering doubts about President Tinubu’s well-being.

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